2019 Board (from left to right):
Paula Marino,  Olive Crews,  Dottie Lawon,  Bob Parmerter,
Alice Cannistra, Lillian Mathisen, Linda Stringer,  Joan Kollgaard


           CCAL is a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors comprised of its own members.  All members are encouraged to serve on one of the standing committees:  Administration & Finance, Curriculum, Member Events, Public Relations and Nominating.

Our board members and committee members are volunteers who are responsible for the operation of the organization.  It takes many people giving freely of their time to execute the work necessary to have a well-run organization.  Everyone has an opportunity to be a part of the operation and direction of CCAL.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the  CCAL Office at 607-441-7370.


From left to right: Paula Marino, Bob Parmerter, Alice Cannistra, Lillain Mathisen, and Olive Crews.


President:  Alice Cannistra
Vice President:  Bob Parmerter
Secretary:  Lillian Mathisen
Treasurer:  Paula Marino
Asst Treasurer:  Olive Crews



Co-chairs:  Joan Kollgaard and Donna Behrendt
Penny Bellinger
Tina Chrislip
Tom Heitz
Marilyn Helterline
Hugh MacDougall
Bill Pietraface
Len Pudelka

Member Events

Chair:  Linda Stringer
Peggy Garramone
Carol Goodrich
Sharon Strait-Carey
Judy Wilson

Finance & Administration

Chair:  Olive Crews
Paula Marino
Alice Cannistra
Bob Parmerter


Chair:  Dorothy Lawson
Shirley Ferguson
Shirley Fioravanti
Virginia Pudelka
Debbie Roth

Public Relations

Jane Miller
Sue Smith & Stan Maricle (website)

OFFICE STAFF (607) 441-7370

Teri Weigl, Manager
Arlana Young, Assistant

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