Annual Spring Meeting 2017

Annual Spring Meeting 2017


The Center for Continuing Adult Learning (CCAL) will host its Annual Spring Meeting Sunday, March 19th from 1-4 p.m. in the Otsego Grill (downstairs) at the Morris Hall Conference Center, SUNY Oneonta.

All current members and anyone interested in becoming a member of CCAL are invited to come for light refreshments and to hear facilitators describe their upcoming courses. The Summer-Autumn catalog, featuring 50 new classes scheduled during June – December 2017, will be available.

CCAL is an independent, non-profit, membership organization that offers courses for adults of any age who share a love of learning. CCAL’s diverse classes cover an extensive range of interests from local history, world cultures, art, music and literature to travel, gardening, knitting, hiking, self-defense, photography, hobbies and so much more. There are no tests, no outside work and no pressure! The classes are fun, exciting and interesting and the organization offers a chance to meet congenial people with a wide variety of interests.

For more information about the annual meeting or about CCAL in general please call the CCAL office at 607-441-7370 or Alice Cannistra at 607-432-2287.   Interested persons may also e-mail the CCAL office at