CCAL Awarded $20,000 Grant


Senator James Seward secured a Special Legislative Grant through the NY State Education Department for CCAL.  Initiated by President Alice Cannistra’s inquiry to the Senator’s office regarding available funding for adult education programs, the $20,000 windfall was far beyond any expectations.

Alice was surprised and delighted to learn of the generous funding “which will help enhance our ability to expand CCAL’s offerings”.  Senator Seward announced the grant at CCAL’s Annual Meeting on October 16th in Morris Hall and The Daily Star wrote an article about CCAL in its October 18th edition.

A Grants Advisory Committee has been formed to gather ideas for the disbursement of these funds and to oversee all financial aspects included in the process.  Committee members are Treasurer Olive Crews, Secretary Lillian Mathisen, Denise Brandow, Lori Wolverton and President Alice Cannistra.

Any creative suggestions regarding the utilization of this funding can be directed to any committee member.